A Fay Geneva

by Erik Craddock -
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Each year it becomes harder to remember our loved ones that have passed on. Pictures help but what really does it for me are the little stories passed down from those who were there. I remember fondly my great Aunt Fay Finley who was my grandfather Van’s sister. My grandfather passed before I was born but Aunt Fay always had a ready supply of stories to tell me about him.

One of her stories was about the day she was born, January 28th, 1917. She recounted that grandpa, who was about 14 years old, had ridden his horse into Dutton to play baseball, which is what the local boys did on the weekends if the weather permitted. When he returned later that day, he had a new unnamed sister. He said “she looks like a Fay Geneva”. Grandpa Lon and grandma Ada thought it was a pretty name and Fay Geneva she became. Aunt Fay told “Thanks to my dear brother Van, I’ve enjoyed my name and he and I were close friends throughout our walk together with the Craddocks”.

  • Fay Geneva Craddock Finley (1917 - 2006)
  • Alonzo Shields Craddock (1878 - 1935)
  • David William Craddock (1844 - 1933)
  • James Bascum Craddock (1819 - 1904)

Aunt Fay passed on in 2006, she was loved by everyone who knew her including me. What are your memories of her? If you enjoy reading little stories like this one, be sure and send some of your own about parents, grand parents or children to connection@craddock.org. We would all love to hear about them.